There are several different ways a traveler can get to and from Midway International Airport. For easy and economical travel there is public transportation like CTA "L" trains and Metra. Passengers have easy access to CTA train as the CTA orange line station is located at the airport. CTA is the most economical option for passengers.

The “L” Train  

CTA offers both train and bus service in Chicago. The easiest and the cheapest way to get to downtown from Midway is the Orange line  train which operates from 4-4.30AM to 1 AM every day with more frequent service during weekday rush hours. There is an alternate overnight service ("owl") via the N62 Archer bus. Up until the Loop the tracks to downtown from Midway are elevated. At the Loop, the train travels clockwise.

The full fare for "L" train is $2.50, a student price is $.75, and a reduced cost is $1.25. The whole bus fare for CTA is $2.25, the reduced rate is $1.10, and the student price is $.75. If a traveler needs to transfer within two hours, there are additional two rides for a cost of $.25 and $.15 for reduced and student price. CTA offers passes to passengers. The price for the 1-day pass is $10, a 3-day pass is $20, a week pass is $28, and a one-month pass is $105.

Either cash or a credit card can be used to purchase the transportation fare.

Usually, it takes 20-25 minutes to get to downtown from Midway International Airport.

Parking at Midway

There are hourly and daily parking options for passengers getting to and from the airport on their own. For travelers with the extended stay, there are economy lots – two economy parking locations that are an excellent choice for travelers seeking long-term parking. Prices are the same throughout each economy lot. Free shuttle buses run in every 10-15 minutes to get passengers from and to the terminal to parking. All kinds of payments – cash, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and Carte Blanche are accepted to pay the parking fee at a cashier upon existing lots.

For wheelchair, accessible vehicles travelers should call Open Taxis at 855-928-1010.

If there are multiple parties available for the trip, there is a Shared Ride service available at a flat rate at the airport. Shared Ride price per person to downtown is $18, to McCormick place, it is also $18, and to O'Hare International Airport it is $35.


As an addition to other services, there are limousines available at the airport. Information about pre-arranged limousine services can be found at the Ground Transportation Information Booth located on the Baggage Claim level near carousel #4.

If a traveler has a pre-arranged limousine pickup, they should call the company once they claim their luggage. The company will provide a license plate number, a description of the car and a door number where a passenger can meet the driver. It takes an average of 3 to 10 minutes for the driver to arrive at the pickup area, depending on traffic at the airport.

Some limousine companies arrange to have their drivers meet passengers at the Baggage Claim area or other designated areas. The driver can help to bring the luggage to the vehicle.

Taxi Companies

First come, first serve taxis can be found on the lower level of the terminal. To be sure that a licensed taxi driver is helping a passenger, they must use a Taxi stand. Taxis have a meter that calculates fare based on time and mileage. Travelers should keep in mind that traffic conditions affect the fare, but an average fare from Midway to downtown is $35-$40.

If a passenger is traveling to Midway International Airport and they are not at the area where taxis are readily available, they can schedule a pickup with several taxi companies like American United Cab Association, Blue Ribbon association, Inc. Checker Taxi Association, Chicago Carriage Cab, Choice Taxi Association, 5 Star Taxi Association Inc., Flash Cab Company, Globe Taxi Association Inc., Gold Coast Taxi Association, King Drive Cab Affiliation, KOAM Taxi Association, Royal 3 CCC Chicago Taxi Association, Service Taxi Association, Sun Taxi Association Inc., 24 Seven Taxi Affiliation, Yellow Cab Affiliation, Inc.

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