Services Provided at Chicago Airport


For all of the passengers traveling at Midway International Airport, there is a free Wi-Fi network available both pre-and post-security. If a traveler has difficulty connecting to the Wi-Fi network, they can call Boingo Wireless Customer Care at (800) 880-4117.

Charging Stations:

There are many charging stations at Midway Airport for passengers. They can be located at the below locations in the form of workstations with counter and AC outlets, chairs with built-in charging outlets and hold room seating.

The locations are:

  • Gate hold-room seating *
  • Lower Level Baggage Claim seating
  • Upper-Level Ticketing seating
  • Central Market / Main Food Triangle
  • Concourse A Food Hall
  • Near Battle of Midway Interactive Exhibit
  • Cafe Seating near Gate A5 / Adjacent to True Burger

Power Outlets:

Midway International Airport has power-equipped chairs throughout the terminal and baggage claim areas. Passengers can charge their electronics at gates while relaxing in their power-equipped seats.

Flight Information Displays:

Flight information displays are in the McCormick Place Convention Center lobby near Gate 4, and they provide real-time flight information for the midway.

Additional Flight Information Displays are at CTA Orange Line Clark & Lake station.

Lost and Found:

Lost and Found items are handled by several different organizations depending on a location.

Near ticket counters, in and around gate areas, or on an airplane a traveler should reach an airline.

In public parts of the terminal: travelers are advised to contact the Midway Communication Center at (773) 838-0656

At security checkpoints: please leave a recorded message at (773) 498-1308

In the parking facilities: contact Standard Parking at (773) 838-0753

Customs area: (773) 948-6330


For travelers who want to exchange their currency at the airport, Seaway National Bank provides currency exchange services at Midway in Concourse A. More than 200 currencies are traded at Seaway National Bank.

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