Facilities at Chicago Airport


All restrooms at the airport have wheelchair accessible facilities. There are six Unisex/Family Companion Restrooms at the airport.

Service Animal Relief Area (SARA)

There are two types of Service Animal Relief Areas at the airport: outdoor and indoor.

Outdoor Service, Animal Relief Area, is fenced in with a bench and there are bags provided for pet waste.

Indoor Service, Animal Relief Area, is designed for travelers with service animals. The indoor SARA is an enclosed room with a door that has a glass pane that opens and closes automatically and is constructed for wheelchair access.


All passenger levels can be accessed with elevators located at the airport, and they all have Braille and raised numerals.

Parking Facilities

Midway has 164 accessible parking spaces in its parking facilities. There are two parking garages at midway: Daily and Economy. All accessible parking spaces with its width allow for a lift or ramp access, but not all provide enough height for traditional, accessible vans.

For additional information about disabled person accessibility call: (773) 838-0756 

Yoga Room

For travelers wanting to escape the hustle of the airport, there is a Yoga Room located in Concourse C near the Mother's Room.

Yoga room, with a bamboo wood floor and exercise mats, is a perfect place for relaxation, meditation, and yoga practice.

One side of the room has frosted glass windows that allow natural light and provides discretion from adjacent public spaces.

The Yoga Room is open every day from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM. 


For a peaceful prayer, worship and liturgies, there is a Chapel at Midway International Airport. The Chapel is on Mezzanine level/Concourse C, post-security above the triangle food court.

Travelers can contact the Chapel office at (773) 686-2636.

Visual Paging

To magnify communications for deaf and hard of hearing passengers, The Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) has a visual paging system at Midway International Airport.

Flight Information Display System (FIDS) monitors provide text messages to help connect passengers with family or friends, provide visual customer service messages, and in case of necessity, post emergency notifications.

For parents:  

Mother’s Room

For mothers who are breastfeeding their children, there is a private space for them at Midway Airport. Room offers a comfortable sitting along with a sink and wash area. There is also a TV in the room.

Unisex/Family Restrooms

Most of the restrooms at terminals have changing stations. Each concourse has Unisex/Family Restrooms. 


It is easy to find child-friendly restaurants at Midway as most of the restaurants provide highchairs and children’s menus.

Security Checkpoint Family Lanes

Security Checkpoint lanes are designed for three types of travelers: Business/experienced travelers, casual travelers, and travelers with children.

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